Thursday afternoon, a 25-year-old man compounded his problems with Benton County Deputies.

Officers were called to the area of Hansen and Gibbon Roads, a T-intersection on the north side of Interstate 82. The location is just over five miles east of Prosser.

The report came from several area citizens about a man who was doing some "reckless shooting."  Deputies didn't specify if he hit anything, but when they responded the suspect was fleeing the area. However, armed with a description of the vehicle, they quickly caught up with him heading east towards the Tri-Cities.

Not only was the suspect found to be firing off rounds from a weapon less than 250 feet from the Interstate, he was apparently firing from the truck he was driving. Turns out, the truck was reported stolen earlier Thursday out of Prosser.

Deputies found the gun inside the truck, he was arrested with without incident after a traffic stop. The man, whose name was not released, is facing Auto Theft, Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Drive by Shooting, and (no surprise really) DUI charges.

Deputies didn't say if the man was aiming at anything specific, or if any buildings or property were hit, but no one was injured during the incident.

The investigation continues.

Just because you may be out in some rural area, doesn't mean you can go firing off weapons, doing target practice or anything of the sort. Especially if you're less than a football field away from a busy Interstate, such as I-82.

 After dealing with this incident, this guy might want to lay low for a while. Like the people who want to blur their home on Google Earth. 


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