West Richland police are now asking, just how many of these vehicles are there?

Tuesday night, West Richland Police were alerted by a citizen who had heard about a gold 2003 Chevy Trailblazer that had been stolen out of Pasco recently. They got the plate number and called authorities. The vehicle was the same one pictured, only gold.

The night shift officers began to work on this case, as the vehicle had left the Brotherhood area where it had been seen cruising "suspiciously."  Officer Barrera just happened to be parked later that night when this very vehicle drove past him, and turned into a residential driveway and parked. But when he ran the plates, it came back registered to a West Richland resident and was NOT stolen. What?!?

But then it gets really weird. Sitting in the driveway NEXT DOOR was the exact same vehicle, except it was the stolen one from Pasco. Besides being in possession of a stolen vehicle, the female suspect left her purse containing a visible meth pipe sitting on the driver's seat.  The stolen vehicle has been searched for possible drug activity, the suspect is in jail, and the Chevy will be returned to it's rightful owner once police have finished their investigation.

2 identical gold Chevy Trailblazers...next door to each other...who knew?!?

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