No, that's no a typo. Pendleton police and fire crews are busy investigating not one, but two separate fires that occurred Tuesday inside school bathrooms.

The first one, at Sunridge Middle School, was reported around 10:30am, according to the East Oregonian.

That incident, say officials, is likely to be criminal in nature. It involved a toilet paper dispenser likely being set afire, and created enough smoke to require the building to be cleared. School officials had already put out the fire with extinguishers by the time fire crews arrived. The investigation continues and students later returned to class. At least three different points of contact were found in the bathroom, as to where fire was present.

Then Tuesday afternoon, officials say a student urinating on an electrical outlet likely caused a short and triggered a much less 'spectacular' fire according to fire investigators. That occurred at Washington Elementary school shortly before 2pm. It was enough to trigger a fire alarm, and light smoke in part of the building.

The Pendleton Fire Department will likely get help form the Oregon State Police Arson unit, but Pendleton Police will oversee the investigations, which continue.