We're Number One, but it's a dubious even dangerous stat

    A national study says WA State has had the most fatal car crashes in the US in 2022

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) says when it comes to car fatalities, we're leading the nation for 2022. And, we've seen one of the biggest percentages jumps over last year.

WA state, when it comes to car crashes, has seen its rate so far climb 27.1 percent.

Last year 272 people died overall in crashes, this year so far it's 346 and counting. Now, that is all traffic deaths.  The data says when it comes to 'cars,' we're leading the pack.

  Why the jumps in deaths?

According to, there are a variety of reasons. Some say it's the defund the police efforts and fax mandates that have decimated some law enforcement agencies, including the WSP.  The State Patrol says they are down almost 200 troopers.

Some law enforcement officials say it's a dangerous mistruth, but the perception now is that due to Washington state laws, officers can no longer pursue suspects, including traffic offenders.  Many officers say that's not necessarily true but it could be why some drivers are being more reckless.

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Others point to increasing numbers of inebriated drivers. It's not just alcohol, but meth and other drugs are being discovered during sobriety tests. Either way, it's not something Washington drivers can be proud of.

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