In a story that's going viral, an as-yet-to-be-captured phone thief is looking pretty stupid.

Bremerton police are still searching for the man who stole Jeannie Allen's iPhone, which came up missing during a trip to the Kitsap Regional Library.

She quickly sought the help of a friend, who told her somebody had her phone.   While the device was equipped with an app that allowed her to remotely delete everything on the phone including sensitive information, the thief probably wasn't smart enough to access her personal records.

Allen's friend alerted her that somebody had indeed stolen the phone because the crook had mistakenly posted a picture of himself on her Facebook page! He overlooked the fact that the default Facebook page setting was Allen's, not his.

The thief decided to take a trip on a ferry, and posted the pictures! Allen and her friends decided to have some fun at his expense. They took the photos, and added captions to them making fun of the thief's appearance.

Several people in the community have posted sightings on Facebook about the man, but police have yet to make an arrest. No one has apparently stepped forward and identified the suspect, either.