City of Kennewick police and other Tri-City officials say with the return of summer comes door to door sales people, and usually with them, a number of scams.

Police say recently someone claiming to be from "the State" has been calling random residents across the city, offering to 'test their water.' They say Kennewick has "bad water".  Officials say based upon similar incidents in the past, it's probably and unlicensed door to door company selling water filtration systems. No one from any local, regional or state agency will ever call or visit you over any civic matter suchas water quality etc.

IF someone does show up at your door trying to sell any product or service, ask to see their official city license vendor's badge, which is pictured in this story. If they don't have one, you can call the city at (509)-628-0333 and they will explain it to the solicitor.  If you have suspicions about the vendor, get as much information as you can, then when they leave notify police by calling the same 628-0333 number.

Vendor license (Evelyn Lusignan)
Vendor license (Evelyn Lusignan)

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