Think back to the last time you shampooed your carpets.  FUN!  Now, there's a better way, and it's faster, cleaner and less messy.

When you wash your hair, you have to scrub and work to make sure you get all the soap away from the roots and scalp.  Well, the same idea works on carpet.  Think of your rug as a head of hair.

Except with carpet, you can't stick it under a jet stream of warm water to ensure all the soap is gone.  That's why every time you trudge off to the big box store and rent that 12-inch wide soap machine, you're actually making your carpets dirtier.

Traditional, and even industrial machines, leave behind soapy residue - regardless of the machine.  It's the soap. There's NO way to get it all off the carpet.   The amount of time needed to constantly spray and vacuum with a soap machine soaks down to the carpet pad.

Then because the pad is wet, the water actually wicks back UP into the carpet.  When combined with the leftover soap, it actually ATTRACTS more dirt, dust, dander and pet hair. That's why even weeks after you clean, the carpet looks like "ugh" again.

Zerorez uses a patented electrostatic charged water process.  It actually changes the water so it reacts like soap, and cleans your carpet.  But because it's much more active, it gets more dirt out.  And before Zerorez cleans, they run their latest tool (or toy as I call it!) the ZR Lifter.  A triple-roller brush machine, it actually gets more dirt and pet hair out than a convention carpet cleaner - and that's even before Zerorez uses the water!

Plus, they use ultraviolet light to spot invisible pet "mistakes" and they pre-treat with a non-lethal friendly spray that lifts and loosens chemicals, stains and pet urine so it will get vacuumed right up.   Combine that with their friendly, efficient service, and you've got the cleanest carpets since they were first installed.

And, because Zerorez does such a good job, you don't need to have them cleaned nearly as often.  Ask about their maintenance plan, and watch as you spend a LOT less money on carpet cleaning.

Watch these amazing videos of how Zerorez makes your carpet look FINE!   Call 582-9000 or go to their website and take advantage of the great summer specials.  You and your carpet will thank you!





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