Police are scouring bank records trying to find a reason not to send a Sunnyside mom to prison for 10 years.

The woman was a PTA president for her child's school from Nov. 2012 to Oct. 2013. Due to lack of participation, she was the ONLY member of that chapter's governing body. When a treasurer was finally elected, she handed over her records and then resigned. The records show $35,000 was raised by the PTA and is missing.

For months the woman was somewhat dodgy with police, and then in spring of 2014 came clean that she was protecting her daughter who may have stolen several thousand from a cash box. The daughter confessed to this. But most of the missing money was spent with the card tied to the account.

Like many others in her shoes, the woman said she did her best to keep track of the spent money and had every intention to pay it back. Eventually it got out of control. As of right now she's only accused of stealing $5,000.

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