The Supreme Court refused to review the legality of stun-gun use, meaning business as usual for unruly suspects.

The Associated Press reports Tuesday the high court refused to hear arguments from two cases that came up from the 9th circuit court of appeals from Hawaii and Washington where suspects claimed the guns were excessive force.  They also refused to hear appeals from police who were judged to have used excessive force in other cases.

 The 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals,  one tier below the Supreme Court, had ruled officers could not be sued in Federal Court, but also said officers use excessive force in two cases.   In 2004 a Seattle woman, Malaika Brooks, was stunned when she refused to exit her car on a  speeding violation;  and in 2006 a Hawaii woman was stunned when she interfered with police apprehension of her husband.   In layman's terms, by refusing to hear any of the arguments or review the cases, the Supreme Court upheld current use of the guns, and basically told the people to work it out themselves.