An interesting study has been released, showing there's apparently a link between political affiliation and how much people post provocative and political posts on social media.

A study shows Democrats more likely to provoke others on social media in WA

The study was conducted in March 2022, and included opinions and information from 5,502 social media users who identify as either Republican, Democrat, or Independent.  These 5.502 were the WA participants, hundreds of thousands were surveyed nationwide.

Nationally, the study showed that 12 percent of Dems, 11 percent of Republicans, and Independents intentionally post political content with the intention of getting a reaction from users with opposing views.  It's rather close.

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However the study showed in Washington state, those numbers were 25% of Democrats, 11 % of Independents, and only 5% of Republicans intentionally posted content designed to get a reaction from those with opposing views.

Democrats also finished out front in Oregon, while in Idaho and Montana, Independent social media users-voters were the ones who posted the most inflammatory content.

There were few states where Republicans posted the most content designed to get reactions, they include, North Dakota, Georgia, Virginia, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania, while Wisconsin was split between Republican and Independent. The rest were Democrat.

  Regardless of party, it appears people like to 'gin' each other up.

Once you look past the labels, perhaps it's a reminder that we all spend a bit too much time 'poking the bear.'   The study was conducted by, a company that has various software programs designed to scour, clean and delete old social media histories.


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