Little blue stealing hood? (KCSO)
Little blue stealing hood? (KCSO)

This case is out of Kittitas County, Cle Elum, but underscores how some criminals are not that aware when they commit crimes.

   Postal theft suspect answers door wearing the same outfit seen on video

Kittitas County Deputies have cracked a postal theft 'ring' in Cle Elum, and have nabbed the primary suspect. 29-year-old Amanda Woodcock of South Cle Elum was arrested at her home by Deputies, for her alleged involvement in at least three break-ins at the South Cle Elum Post Office.  It's located about 24 miles northwest of Ellensburg. She was apprehended Tuesday, June 28th.

Woodcock is believed to be the culprit in three break-ins on June 14, 21st, and 26th. In each case, someone forced entry into the secured area where mail and packages were stored, and stole a variety of the mail and packages.

After the second break-in, US Postal Officials installed security cameras, according to the Kittitas County Sheriff:

"Early in the morning of 6/26, that camera captured video of Woodcock inside the secured area of the post office, rifling through packages. The camera also captured footage of Woodcock observing the camera, pulling it down, and throwing it outside. It was later recovered by deputies."

The real kicker, though, came when officers went to her home to question her about the thefts: (according to the KCSO)

"When Law Enforcement knocked on Woodcock’s door to serve the search warrant today, she answered it wearing the same sweatshirt she wore when video-recorded burglarizing the office on Sunday morning. Property stolen from the Post Office, and the rest of the outfit from the video, was found inside the house."

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Officers had been searching social media sites, looking to see if any of the stolen materials might up for sale, and found the suspect had participated in some discussions about the postal thefts. Her comments led them to believe she might have been involved, and when coupled with the camera evidence, they had probable cause.

Yet another case of a not-so-bright criminal not being self-aware about the simplest things.

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