Sunday afternoon, Kennewick Police were called to the 400 block of East 3rd, about a very strangely behaving person.

Around 3:30PM Police were told a man was rummaging through a homeowner's garbage, acting strange, and became verbally confrontational with the homeowner. When officers arrived the man fled. He was not initially chased by Police, but a short time later the officer, who was checking the area, saw the suspect running through people's yards and jumping fences.

Officers were able to surround him, and 34-year-old  Angel Beltran was arrested as he was seen coming out of someone's backyard.  Police had also seen him throw an object into another yard as he was fleeing. The object turned out to be a C02 pistol, but Beltran was found to have meth on him. He's now facing trespassing and resisting arrest charges as well.

Many of these 'guns' are incredibly realistic, and if waved or threatened with by suspects can result in dire consequences for perpatrators.

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