Domestic Issue Bust Leaves Suspect with 5 Warrants
Sunday night, a Kennewick man ended up facing five charges over one call.
Around 8:45pm officers responded to the 300 block of East 4th, over an alleged no contact order, and learned the victim might have been driving in a car with the suspect...
Suspect Goes ‘Parkour’ on Police, Taken Down Anyway
Parkour is a sport where people leap from building to building, climb walls, jump and run and more. A suspect fleeing Kennewick police Sunday tried many of those, and still failed.
Officers were called to the 1200 block of West Bruneau after a man called 911 to report an intruder...
This Driver Sought for Possible Theft, Trespassing
Police say they are "well acquainted" with the registered owner of this truck, they want to talk to him about trespassing,  wire theft  (likely copper) and possible wire stripping.
Monday morning, Sgt. Baker and several other officers of the Pasco PD tried to contact the driver of this Chev…