Police say they are "well acquainted" with the registered owner of this truck, they want to talk to him about trespassing,  wire theft  (likely copper) and possible wire stripping.

Monday morning, Sgt. Baker and several other officers of the Pasco PD tried to contact the driver of this Chevy in the Dunes area between Road 100 and Sandifur Parkway, but unfortunately he got away. It's likely the the patrol cars couldn't negotiate of some the terrain that the truck could.

Officers are seeking the driver in connection with the theft of several spools of wire theft from a house site, and possibly even wire stripping from others.

It's likely the wire taken is copper, it's recycle value is through the roof.  Anyone with any information on this vehicle is asked to call (509)-545-3421. All leads are confidential. It's a tan or gold Chevy pickup,  WA license plate C61493G.

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