This guy went sleepy time after attempting to assault a Pasco Police officer Saturday night.

Pasco police have now released the full details of the epic brawl that occurred in the 1200 block of West Jan late Saturday night.

Citizens had called 911 around 8:40pm to report a prowler-trespasser in the yard of an adjacent vacant home. Upon arrival, Pasco Officer Chad Pettijohn found the man hiding up against a fence, and then he tried to walk away. Pettijohn detained him, but after the suspect lied about his name and why he was there, he assaulted the officer. Or attempted to.

Due to his heavy coat, the suspect was not brought down by a Taser shot. He and the officer began to fight, exchanging blows as the suspect tried to go for the Taser and then Pettijohn's gun. However, his excellent self-defense skills and training helped him. The officer was able to get the suspect into what's commonly known as a 'sleeper hold' or a judo "choke out."  In judo, it's a submission hold, and you either tap out or pass out.

The suspect chose the latter. Other officers arrived and after receiving treatment for injuries sustained in the fight, 32-year-old Alberto Rafael Fernandez of Kennewick was arrested. He was found to have an outstanding warrant, to which he can now add obstruction, assault and myriad of other charges.  Lesson learned. Don't grapple with an officer, they know all the tricks you've never even though of.

Sweet dreams Mr. Suspect!

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