Kennewick police have the suspect in custody, but are still looking for his getaway car--which actually may have helped apprehend him.

Saturday afternoon during the Petsmart Animal Adoption event on Canal Drive, a man allegedly ran up to the main adoption tent, grabbed their cash box, and tried to flee across the parking lot.

However, the suspect, 24-year-old Jesse Francisco Martinez, didn't get far.

A man helping at the event charged and tackled Martinez in the parking lot. The box belonged to Tri-City Trap Neuter Return, who were part of the event. The man, along with another bystander, suffered minor injuries, as did Martinez.

But just after Martinez grabbed the box and ran, a white Pontiac Grand Am pulled out of a parking spot and began to speed away. The car struck both Martinez and the tackler as it was leaving! Fortunately, it was just a glancing blow, but knocked Martinez back down, allowing the tackler to keep him pinned down until police arrived.

Authorities believe that car was Matinez' getaway vehicle. The car is white with red racing stripes. Police said it was an "older Grand Am model."

Anyone with any information on the vehicle, or additional witnesses, are urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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