The case has quickly gone national, largely due to it's shocking nature. Now, the suspect has been named.

OregonLive reports authorities received tips and information about a potential homicide, and ended up finding parts of a 28-year-old female victim stuffed inside a pair of suitcases. They were inside a BMW parked near a home in Aloha, OR.

The discovery was made last Thursday, and she was identified as Sara Zghoul who lived in Aloha. She worked as a model, voice over artist and actress. Based upon her social media and modeling posts, she often bore a strong resemblance to several famous female faces.

After investigating and more tips, 35-year-old ex-con Jeremiah "Jeremy" Johnson was taken into custody in connection with the brutal crime. Court records indicate the car where Zghoul's remains were found was parked near the home of Johnson's mother, where he'd been living. She had been decapitated and dismembered.

Authorities are not sure of the ties between the suspect and victim, but Johnson reportedly tried to slash his own throat and wrists unsuccessfully. He was treated, and is now in police custody. Officials did not say how long the body parts had been inside the vehicle.

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