9-11 Wednesday Grant County Deputies were busy chasing down a suspect who led them on a wild chase.

Details now being released about the incident, involving 2 stolen cars, attempts at a 3rd, and a chase through a muddy field.

Around 11:15am 25-year-old Jared Hester, of Edmonds, WA , was driving a stolen 2018 Honda when he crashed it near Warden. When a passerby stopped to try to help him, he jumped in their car, and drove off. The victim called 911 and the chase was on.

Grant County Deputies chased Hester towards the intersection of SR17 and I-90 where he tore through the Shari's Restaurant parking lot then ran off Kettleson Road. He got stuck in a field full of water, and fled on foot. He ran to the nearby West Coast Auto Dealers lot, tried to steal another car before finally being apprehended.

No surprise he's being charged with suspected DUI, bu that's the least of his worries, considering the other numerous charges he is facing. No one was injured, except minor bruises to Hester, in the incident.

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