Kennewick Police and KSD officials are investigating a break in from Sunday-Monday at Kamiakin High School.

Sometime between 8-9AM Sunday and 6:40AM Monday, two large storage sheds located just next to the baseball field behind the school had the locks cut and twisted off. Officials found the sliding and end cap doors wide open on one of the large sheds.

While it appeared the suspect(s) actually 're-arranged' stuff to search for valuables, officials say a significant number of tools and logstical equipment were taken. The large shed also held most of the decorations, accessories etc. for student dances, activities, proms, fundraisers, and other events.  Those items were left untouched.

This picture shows  after most of the re-arranged items were put back inside.

The culprits left the doors wide open, and a number of items including a large craps dice table were stacked outside the shed.

A smaller baseball shed right next to the larger container was also broken into, it houses a lot of screens, chalk, baseballs and other equipment for maintaining the field. A number of those lawn tools were also stolen.

The investigation continues.

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