Loaded gun found in speeding suspect's car (FCSO)
Loaded gun found in speeding suspect's car (FCSO)

Two unnamed suspects were arrested late Wednesday night after a wild chase north in rural Franklin County that saw the suspect vehicle hit speeds of 130 MPH!


Around 10:30 PM a Franklin County Deputy observed the vehicle northbound on Glade Road traveling about 100 MPH.

The officer was not able to get close enough to make a traffic stop, however, a second Deputy further up the road was able to use his radar to determine the speed had increased to 130.

This second Deputy did activate the lights and sirens and was able to get closer, but not enough to execute a stop. It was likely the suspects saw him though because a few moments later a third officer found the car sitting in the middle of the road on Hollingsworth near Mesa and it had been abandoned.

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A search of the vehicle found a loaded firearm in plain view (pictured in our story).

Thanks to a fast 2.5-mile circle deployment of the area and Pasco's K-9 Zador, two suspects were quickly located.

The two suspects, whose names were not released, were captured. According to the Franklin County Sheriff's Department:

"A 21 year old female was booked on felony eluding, suspended 3rd and obstruction. A 24 year old male was booked on the firearm violation as well as obstruction."

They didn't say who was driving, but it's remarkable that they didn't lose control or crash given the speeds they hit.

The investigation continues. If you're going to drive, do it more safely. Here's some ideas.


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