According to the Prosser School District Superintendent, the man in question has had the religious/political signs mounted on his truck for years.

According to the Daily Sun newspaper, some Prosser residents are concerned about Dale Brown's signs because he works as a bus driver for the District.

The signs in his truck have come into more focus especially since his wife Peggy Brown is the Prosser librarian who remains on leave after she wrote Facebook posts protesting illegal immigration.

The Daily Sun reports the signs read "Beware! Islam Mormonism Watchtower are Cults. Jesus is Lord."  The other side of the sign reads "God Created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."

Brown's signs came into closer scrutiny from some people who claimed he parked his truck with those signs at the school. But Superintendent Ray Tolcacher says the truck is usually parked on the street never on school property.


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