Thieves Raid Vehicles in Towing Impound Lot
Kennewick police are investigating a break in in the 400 block of East Kennewick
Ave that occurred very late Sunday night.
Officers were alerted to a pair of suspects who arrived at what's believed to the the impound lot of RAD Towing at 410 E. Ken...
West Side Attempted Murder Suspect Found On Kennewick Park Bench
Proof once again the programs like Crime Stoppers and other tip hotlines work, thanks to information called in by a citizen, a wanted attempted murder suspect is behind bars.
April 2, Kennewick Police and U.S. Marshals arrested a 42-year-old man who was wanted for attempted murder in King County...
Mom, Child Narrowly Escape Kennewick House Fire
Kennewick fire officials say a house badly damaged by fire and smoke Tuesday morning likely had the blaze trigger in the kitchen area.
They didn't offer specifics but said  the call came in around 7:05am, and the home was located at 15th and Fir...