Hermiston Joins Pullman With Huge Spring Flooding
Officials say it actually happens about every four to five years, but people tend to forget just how much water can show up.
Areas of Riverfront Park in Hermiston are closed now due to very high water levels, as the Umatilla River has again leapt over its banks...
Pot Puffers Pounced on In Park By Sheriff’s
Four unnamed suspects, all under 21-years of age, were busted at Vista Park in Kennewick Wednesday.
Benton County Sheriff's were alerted by a suspicious vehicle call from a nearby citizen, and came by to investigate. Vista is a rather tiny park on Umatilla Street in Kennewick, closely surrounded…
Kennewick Beaver Sexual Assault Suspect Gets Psych Evaluation
The man who made national headlines in September for allegedly sexually assaulting an injured beaver in Columbia Park will have his trial delayed indefinitely, because his attorney has requested he undergo a psychiatric evaluation. It's possible he may not go to trial at all, depending upon the…

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