GPS Goof Leaves Massive Load of Nuggets on Railroad Tracks
Franklin County Sheriff's had a massive "chicken" issue on their hands when a semi-truck was mis-routed by GPS and got stuck on some railroad tracks on a rather rural rough road.
Early Saturday morning, shortly after 6am, the large semi got high-centered on the railroad crossin…
Massive Pileup Near Pasco Sends 1 To Hospital, Six Car Pileup
Washington State Patrol officers have not yet determined what caused the six-vehicle accordion crash around 11am Monday, but at least one person was taken to an area hospital.
WSP says the crash involved five cars and a semi, and occurred in the southbound lanes of Highway 395 not far from Court stre…
Amazingly, Driver Not Seriously Hurt in This Crash
Authorities have not said specifically what the cause was, or how fast the vehicle was traveling, but the driver is lucky the escaped with only minor injuries.
Around 7am Monday morning, this semi rolled off of Wahluke Road, between Filbert and Hollingsworth in Franklin County, just Northeast of Basi…
Fire Destroys Semi Trailer Near Pasco
Franklin County Sheriff's and fire crews extinguished a semi trailer fire in the 4100 block of the North Kahlotus Highway Tuesday afternoon, early evening
No one was injured, and no word was given as to what triggered the blaze, but it appeared to be near the front of the unit...

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