Who's Killing Oregon Livestock by Shutting Off Their Water?
Umatilla and Morrow County Sheriff's are asking for input and warning residents who have cattle on their acreage to keep an eye on their water supplies.
According to officials, a number of ranchers in the Weston, OR area, especially where Highway 204 cuts through some of their acreage, are reporting …
Watch Rare Footage of Water Bomber Skimming , Refilling [VIDEO]
Last summer, Grant County Sheriff's Marine Patrol officers captured this video of a fire fighting water bomber refilling on the Columbia River just below Vantage. They share it recently on their Facebook page.
The aircraft looks to be a WWII-era PBY Catalina, a widely used 'flying boat&apos…
Drunk Grandma Driver Takes Out Hydrant, Floods Road
Thursday morning a road in Kennewick was closed due to flooding from a destroyed fire hydrant, it was struck by an SUV driven by an intoxicated motorist.
Shortly before 10am Kennewick police and city crews responded to an area near the intersection of W...
Broken Water Line Snarls Commuters on Steptoe Blvd.
Although the early morning water break has been patched, now crews are having to fix the road and sidewalk.
A main water line on Steptoe south of Gage broke early Tuesday morning in Kennewick, sending thousands of gallons of water flowing down toward the busy road.

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