Making national headlines this week from Dallas, TX, is the beauty salon owner who went to jail rather than close her shop. Gov. Abbot has gotten personally involved, she will likely be out in a day or two.

WA state is no different, technically. Early on, around March 30, the state unveiled it's "violations" report page, where people who observe what they believe to be a 'violation' of Gov. Inslee's orders could report it.

According to what's been published, and said in his press conferences, only one company has been gone after by Attorney General Bob Ferguson.  They are a CA company with a Tacoma office who refused to close. But otherwise, we're not aware of any significant legal action.

Now, that doesn't mean that around the state code "enforcement" people aren't handing about citations. We've heard of a few. But given the number of businesses we've heard about opening now, vs. actual enforcement action, the site and process seem rather 'toothless.'

In fact, early on, the Bellevue Police online "violators report" link as well as the Attorney General's business violations report page were flooded with complaints -- against county, state and other officials for violating people's rights and a myriad of other complaints. Since then, the publicizing of these "snitch" sites has dropped considerably.

A bit of a backlash is starting to form nationally over such violation report sites.

To see Washington state's page, click on the button below.

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