Your tax dollars are in action in Florida.

The Tampa Police Department is handing out flyers to potential protestors who plan to disrupt the Republican National Convention Aug. 27. Here is an exerpt from CBSTampa news:

The Tampa Bay Times reports the guide has maps of the official parade route, the designated protest areas, and places to use the restroom, cool off, get water and seek first aid.

The guide lists banned items, gives advice on avoiding heat-related illnesses, and provides phone numbers for the RNC call center, the Hillsborough County jail and the America Civil Liberty Union’s hotline.

The guide was written with input from the ACLU.

Tampa Police say the guide is an effort to "reach out to groups" ranging from those coming from out of town to local protestors.

Perhaps if Tampa police do their job and enforce current laws, codes and legalities,  there won't be any need for most of what's in the pamphlet.

I bet the taxpayers in Tampa are overjoyed over this one.

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