No, KPD is not necessarily saying the truck was stolen, but the occupants linked to another car theft.

  Kennewick Police seeking man, woman

Tuesday morning, Kennewick Police say the occupants of this truck, a white male with tattooed arms, and a white female, are linked to the theft of a car.

The car was taken from the 4600 block of West Clearwater 4th of July morning.

No word on how it was taken, but Kennewick Police say anyone who may have information on who owns or drives this truck, can call in a tip at (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

In the first quarter of 2022 (January-end of March) 210 vehicles were reported stolen in Kennewick, an increase of 41 from the same period in 2021 according to KPD. That's about a 20 percent increase.


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