A new study from an educational research company ranks WA state near the bottom (worst) for public school teacher shortages.

2023 report shows WA ranks 39th

A variety of data was used to compile the report, the rankings are based upon the number of teachers per every 1,000 students enrolled in public schools K-12/

WA state averages 60.4 per 1,000, ranking us 39th, near the bottom. CA is one of the worst, 45.9 per 1,000, and ranked 47th.  Oregon is not much better, they come in at 42nd with an average of 57.2 teachers per 1,000 students.

The lowest-ranked state is Nevada, with just under 44 teachers per 1,000.

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 The study is done annually by Scholaroo, an educational research company. The report, along with data from other sources, indicates at least 1,000 teachers left the profession and they did so at a higher rate last year than in 2021.

Experts say some of the biggest shortages in WA state include career and technical educators.  Other states experience the biggest shortfalls in general education, elementary teachers, math, and even English.


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