After a thorough but fast investigation, West Richland PD have arrested two juvenile boys in connection with a spree of BB gun window shooting in and around town.

It began a few days ago with a report of four victims who'd had windows shot out of their vehicles by BB guns. The reports were fairly well spread out, Police didn't have any solid leads.

However, the following night, another dozen vehicles damaged, and they were concentrated in a smaller neighborhood area.

Thanks to some solid tips from citizens, Police were able to locate and interview a suspect, who just happened to live in the middle of the 'hot zone' where the vandalism took place.

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The 13-year-old boy admitted to the crimes, and also 'dropped dime' on his partner. While the other youth refused to talk to police, they had enough evidence to charge him anyway.

Now the two are facing Malicious Mishchief 1st degree with is a Class B Felony. In all there were 16 victims, some had windows shot, others had BB shot marks on the vehicle bodies themselves. An estimated 31 windows were shattered, at a replacement cost of nearly $9K.

WRPD asked citizens some questions about the whereabouts of activities of their teens when it comes to their friends. They asked if parents' teens are sneaking out at night, or of they have access to illegal substances. Also, if they are hanging out with people who don't appear to be having a good influence on them.

They also cautioned for teens not to inappropriately use realistic-looking BB guns, because a homeowner who sees an intruder on their property (and is armed) probably won't know it's a BB gun...the results could be tragic.


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