Sunday night, West Richland Police reported they contacted a pair of female teens who were seen walking along Bombing Range Road, carrying a traffic sign.

Apparently, stop signs are hard to miss. A citizen thought that was unusual, so they called Police. When officers arrived, they found the girls hiding in some tall grass with their stop sign.

They had disguised it as a "person" complete with a t shirt draped over it and a mask!

Police reported the girls had a friend who apparently really wanted a stop sign, so they went and got one for them. Officers reminded the two that despite their 'resourcefulness,' taking street signs is against the law.

The sign was taken from them, and they were turned over to the custody of their parents. As usually done with standard procedure, the information about the incident was turned over to the Prosecutors office for a review. It was not released exactly where they found the sign at.

If they wanted a sign that badly, 12" by 12" inch stop signs are available on Amazon for as low as $9.97.  We found this humorous take on a stop sign for just $37!


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