The bill passed the WA State Senate along party lines, say officials.

Bill would allow teens to 'hide' from parents under guise of 'protected health services'

Senate Bill 5599 was passed by the State Senate, and Republicans warn it's an erosion of parental rights.

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According to Senate GOP leaders, by way of a release from GOP Communications Coordinator Tracy Ellis:

 "The legislation, passed on a party-line vote, would not allow teens staying at licensed youth shelters or host homes to undergo “gender-affirming” surgery without parental approval. Nor would it allow other parents to hide children. But it does clear the way for children between ages 13 and 18 to stay at these facilities without their parents’ knowledge for an indefinite time while seeking services related to gender dysphoria and gender transitioning."

Senate Minority Leader John Braun said the following:

“If it becomes law, this bill would disenfranchise loving parents who deserve to have a say in the care of their teenage children. Children between the ages of 13 and 18 can already access these same health- and mental-health services under Washington law, without their parents’ permission."

  It is interesting to note that this bill passed despite overwhelming opposition, which included the LBGTQ Community.  February 6th during the public hearing, Ellis says 4,700 people signed up to a chance to testify, and while most of there not able due to time constraints, those 4,700 were 98 percent against this bill.

That included several members of the LBGTQ Community, parents of such children, and one former transitional girl.

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