Senator Mark Schoesler's Telephone Town Hall two weeks ago was a huge success.  Many citizens weighed in with opinions.

As seen on our website, constituents of the 9th legislative district (Grant, Adams, Northern Franklin County and other areas) dialed in December 16th to voice questions, concerns, and vote on live polls on state issues.  Schoesler reports over 3200 people were a part of the event. From his legislative Newsletter:

Telephone town hall was a hit – thank you!
More than 3,200 residents of our legislative district “attended” my telephone town hall meeting Tuesday night. People came and went, and the average stay was 21 minutes – but several hundred stayed on the line for 40 minutes or more of the hour-long conversation. That’s like speaking to a small gymnasium full, except that everyone who participated was able to do so from home.
 On the subject of Gregoire wanting to raise taxes, the controversial sales tax she is proposing, the constituents clearly sent a message- again from Schoesler's newsletter.
   88%  believe the Legislature should adopt reforms that save money or improve the delivery of services before it talks about new revenue.
He plans to stage more telephone town halls in the future, keep checking here for details.

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