People have sued landlords over plumbing, structural, electrical and other issues in their rental homes--but paranormal activity?!?

Jose Chinchilla and Michelle Callan, an engaged couple from Toms River New Jersey, are suing their landlord for over $2,000 over deposits and rent after they claimed their rental home was haunted.   Before you start thinking they're nuts, the folks from the Shore Paranormal Research Society  have determined the house is the subject of paranormal activity, but not necessarily haunted.  Still, that would lead us to believe something is going on, enough to scare the couple out of the home.

   However, the landlord believes the couple were "spooked" by the $1,500 monthly payment.  The couple probably knew that coming in when they signed the lease, so why would they do that?   The landlord has filed a countersuit against Chinchilla and his finace'.

  Are there any haunted 'houses' in the Mid-Columbia?  Around Eastern Washington?  Check some of these sites for details about alledgedly haunted places not far from us, or right in our backyard.