Between Prosser and Benton City is an area called the Baby Graves, in the Horse Heaven Hills Cemetery. Over the years many stories have come out of the Baby Graves. It has been the spot for high schoolers' Friday night beer parties, and legend has it that one of the farmers who used to own the land would run the underage drinkers off with a shotgun.

According to YouTube video creator ResilientLee, as you will see below, there used to be more gravestones but some of them were vandalized so bad that they were removed. Some of the headstones were just flat-out stolen.

It is said that a flu epidemic killed many of the young who are buried there, but not all of the graves are babies. Over the years, many people have left toys or coins to pay their respects.

The little white picket fence that's in the middle of the cemetery is rumored to glow at night. Another legend according to video creator Michael Morgan (YouTube channel My Time Tunnel), is that there used to be a shed in the cemetery where a farmer with a shotgun would hide to run off partiers and the like. You can see Michael's video below that was just published today!

Anyone is welcome to visit the Baby Graves, but don't show up at night. Not because it's just too scary, but it's not allowed.



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