Ever wanted to sit down with a police officer and just ask them questions? Well you can! Tomorrow at the Court Street Starbucks in Pasco there will be another installation of Coffee with a Cop. Coffee with a Cop is an informal gathering where citizens can go sit and hang with officers to get to know them and ask them questions. They also usually let kids check out the police vehicles. It's a great way to get to know the men and women in charge of keeping us safe. And let's be honest, it's better to speak with the police when when you want to, and not when they're pulling you over!

The last time I went to an event like this it was very informative. I even asked some hard questions, and the officers were all very open to discussing policies and procedures to the best of their knowledge. Also, it's just nice to know some of what they go through on a daily basis that we wouldn't even think of. So go out to this cool family event for the community. At the Court Street Starbucks June 26th at 2411 W Court Street, Pasco.

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