Pasco Police now say a woman arrested early last Friday morning in the Walmart store was trying to do what's called a "breakout."

Roslyn Revelation Acar, 42, of Richland, was discovered hiding inside the closed store around 4AM.  Pasco's location has still been closing at 10PM for cleaning etc.  The overnight crew found her after and called police after she refused to leave the bathroom.

Pasco Police say she will be charged with burglary because such laws cover people who deliberately hide inside a closed store for the purposes of stealing and then leaving. They're called "break out" burglaries.

Acar initially refused to leave the restroom, when police arrived, flushing was heard. She then left the room carrying a backpack, shoulder bag and duffel bag full of new unpaid for apparel.

She's now in the Franklin County jail on a variety of charges, including a Department of Corrections warrant.

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