A Yakima Department of Security officer is on paid administrative leave due to an investigation after shots were fired at a stolen car Thursday.

Authorities say the chase began when a man left his car running outside his home, said he was just going back inside for about "20" seconds to grab something. However, when he returned the suspect (who's name was not released) was already halfway down the block with his car, near 40th and Lincoln streets.

The car was seen pulling into the Yakima Justice Center by police, and as they approached, a Department of Security officer came running from the detention center. As the police approached, the Security officer fired several rounds into the car. According to Yaktrinews.com, the suspect then surrendered. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Why he drove a stolen car to the justice center is not known, the officer who fired is on paid leave until the investigation is completed.

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