Apparently this burglar though he could succeed by first stealing the home security system to disable it, then return later to finish the job.

Pasco Police say 36-year-old Jason Dean Donahoe of Richland is in custody after he was arrested Wednesday night in the 3300 block of Calder Lane after alert neighbors reported suspicious activity at a home around 9:15pm.

Neighbors reported seeing Donahoe ring the front bell, no one was home, then they saw him disappear around the back of the home. When police arrived they found him attempting to break in.  But why TWO counts of residential burglary (to go with other possible charges)?

Because police say around 8pm Monday, he had broken into the same home, to steal components from their security system. He thought he could not only disable it, but perhaps hawk the items for more money.

As it turns out, prior to him disabling the system, it captured him on video working away. Most security systems stream video to phones and other sources so police say they have a nice clip of him in action.  Authorities are still looking for the missing security system components, anyone with any information is asked to call (509)-545-3421. All leads can be confidential.

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