Kennewick Police are trying to ID a pair of suspects, who were seen on surveillance video breaking into the storage shed/building at Mueller's Funeral Home early Thursday morning.

Around 7AM, the two suspects were caught on video at the home, located at 1401 South Union, on the south side of Desert Lawn Cemetery.

The pair allegedly made off with several thousand dollars worth of equipment, which they carried to their getaway vehicle. Police issued this description about their rig:

"...a 2012 gray colored Mazda CX-5. The suspect vehicle does not have a front or rear license plate, however, it does appear that there is possibly a temporary license plate in the left side of the rear window. The vehicle involved also has was appears to be hail damage as there are several small circular dents on the hood and roof of the vehicle. The right front headlight is broken, and the right side front bumper is cracked/damaged. Both of the vehicle’s side mirror covers are also missing."

One of the suspects is believed to be a Hispanic male, wearing an older style Seahawks cap, the other suspect is white, and has a number of tattoos on both arms.

Anyone with any information is urged to call (509-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.


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