Kids LOVE Build-a-Bear. Heck, ADULTS love Build-A-Bear. And when they announced that they were having a "pay your age" day for the coveted toys we knew it was going to be nutty! They usually can go for anywhere between $30 and up, so if you have a 7-year-old paying just $7 is a smokin' deal! Well, the day has arrived! Today is the day (July 12), and as you can imagine a TON of people want to get in on this deal.

A friend of mine saw a friend of hers post a photo of the line at Columbia Center and it is INSANE!! I'm not even sure how long the wait is, but judging by this it's at least an hour maybe even two! So if you're wanting to get down there today, bring snacks, water, and be prepared to wait. Otherwise, you can just buy one a regular price tomorrow in probably no time at all!

Courtesy of Corrina Highley
Courtesy of Corrina Highley/ Valerie Oakley

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