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We discovered this website a few years ago, and it's where we got our inspiration for our own Angry Pumpkin Child!

Extremepumpkins.com is a fun, wild and terrific resource for going all out for Halloween.   Forget the traditional eyes, nose and mouth jack-o-lantern.   This website has pictures and even directions and tips for how to let your creativity go wild for October 31st.

Every year now, my son Dhylan and I make an angry pumpkin child, and this year we're making a midget version for our 5-year-old daughter Harley.    One of our favorites is the puking pumpkin, where the sickly face is enhanced by using the innards (or guts) of the pumpkin to hang out of the mouth...well, you get the idea.

Take a look through some of our favorites, and visit the website for some absolutely sick and twisted pumpkin carving ideas.  They're on Facebook as well, search extreme pumpkins .com.    Enjoy!

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