Saw this on Facebook, it seems like a great idea! But am I the only that spotted the obvious flaw?

From In The Know-Foodie Facebook page, they are advertising this product, a tray that clips onto the steering wheel of just about any vehicle.  It can also be found at

Apparently, according to the video, it also comes with a tablet or other digital device attachment so you can set up the table and eat etc. while watching videos or other stuff.

My first thought was "hey cool! but what happens when you have to turn left or right?" Then all your lunch goes on the floor. Judging from the comments made, I am not the only one who thought this.

Someone at work pointed out you're probably not supposed to use it while actually moving. But you know some goob will.   It would work if you're driving that extremely long stretch of Highway 240 out of Richland towards Vantage...

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