Much of the weather buzz around the Tri-Cities is about how 'warm' and rainy it's been, and the weather expected to crest 60 or higher on Thanksgiving Day.

Warmest? Not by a long shot.

For  the last 10 to 15 years we've seen a spike in temps around this time of the month of November. While we've had some pretty chilly, Thanksgiving and Black Friday holidays with snow and temps in the 20's, many of the years have been balmy. We've had our share of warm turkey days, but then the temps start to slide way down in December.

This weekend, we're supposed to get rain and highs around 60-62 degrees. But according to the website,  that's not even the warmest on record. Not even by 5 degrees.

Six years ago in 2011, the high 'official' temperature recorded by the National Weather Service peaked at 71 degrees on Thanksgiving. And, we've had a few 60 degree holidays since 2007.

So, no, it won't be the warmest. But enjoy it because we're supposed to have a winter somewhat similar to last year.

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