There's been two recent incidents in Kennewick, now another in Pasco.

Police are looking for the driver of this vehicle, they're accused of hitting a woman in the cross walk on North 20th near the I-182 onramp.

The woman and her child, and others, were crossing the street last Saturday around 6:20pm, when this vehicle pulled up, and went right through the crosswalk. The woman managed to push her small child out of the way, but she herself was hit. She was not seriously hurt, but was knocked to the ground, suffering bruises and cuts.

The vehicle kept on going, entering the interstate from the onramp.  However, several witnesses and another driver were able to follow the SUV and got this picture. Anyone with any information is asked to call (509)-628-0333. All leads are confidential.

In the last few weeks, two pedestrians have been struck crossing those new flashing light lanes in Kennewick, one of them near Albertson's on Edison had to be transported to Trios Southridge ER with injuries.


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