There have been some food establishments that have implemented automated delivery systems, or removed some human steps with machines. They include Eatsa, which dabbled with five 'automated' locations on the East coast.

But this is the first time we've seen an actual burger cooking machine that will be put into operation.

There's been a lot of stories and talk about automated fast-food restaurants, and much of the growth has been spurred by rising wage costs. Since the push began for $15 minimum wage, we've seen an acceleration of this technology. If the pace continues over the next decade, there won't be many of these $15 minimum wage jobs left for protestors to 'fight for.'  This video, courtesy of NBC, shows a machine that will be put into operation in a California estalishment, CaliBurger, in Pasadena.

The company that makes "Flippy" as the robot is called, says they're not out to replace workers but to enhance and improve their working conditions. But one cannot help but think that this device, built by Miso Robotics, will reduce the need for cooks in the restaurant. If it works as well as trials have show, bet there will be a run on this, and even more advance technology.

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