While everything else seems to be getting more and more expensive, at least camping is still reasonable!

We visited Russ Dean Family RV over the weekend as part of their On-Site Sale, and found some RV's that are nicer than some apartments we've had! (Of course, working in radio that's not saying much...!)

But year after year, while auto, gas, home and other prices continue to climb,  the price of campers, trailers and other RV's stay rather reasonable.   Like many of us, if you're a family of 3, or four or five people -or even more - you can still find a quality trailer or RV for not that much.  Especially for families, the RV industry has not really seen the price hikes many other forms of entertainment have.

Check out these pictures of some of the units we looked at while broadcasting live.  Most of these could be had for anywhere from $197 to $250 a month.   If you've got the itch to get back to nature, go camping, or just have some fun, go see the folks at Russ Dean Family RV in the Pasco Autoplex.  You'll be surprised!  Even the smaller units have what are called "slide-outs" which increase the width and room of the unit by dozens of square feet.

And if you're worried about "roughing it" away from TV,  most of them come with flat-screen TV's, stereo systems, many have built-in central HVAC, and as for the TV, you can have them outfitted with a satellite dish.  Hmmm...NFL Sunday ticket while camping?

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