A tiny Tamale (only) restaurant located in Union Gap Washington is gathering huge accolades and national attention this week here's why

Los Hernandez Tamale restaurant has just earned the America’s Classics award from the James Beard Foundation (kinda like the Oscars for food)

The award goes to locally owned and operated restaurants which have been open at least 10 years and are considered to have timeless appeal.

The restaurant's claim to fame is their pepper jack and asparagus tamale which is served seasonally. FYI This is the 1st Washington State restaurant outside of Seattle to receive this award!

Okay who's headed to Yakima I'll take 2 dozen!

Here's the video of the famous tamales

Try the tamales
Who: Los Hernandez Tamales

Where: 3706 Main St., Union Gap.

What: The restaurant sells a variety of tamales. Chicken and pork are sold year round. During the spring months, the eatery also makes pepperjack and asparagus tamales. Diners may get a single pork or chicken tamale for $1.75, a half-dozen tamales for $10.50 and a dozen tamales for $18.25. When available, the asparagus tamales cost $2.09 for a single, $12.54 for a half-dozen and $25.08 for a dozen.

For more information: Go online to https://www.facebook.com/Tamales.UnionGap or call 509-457-6003.

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