A group calling itself People's Rights of Washington have been manning a sort of vigil at a popular Chehalis restaurant, hoping to turn away (again) Labor and Industries agents.

Spiffy's Restauant is located in South Chehalis, and last evening (Wed) dozens of citizens showed up for a "peaceful protest" around the building and in the parking lot. The crowd showed up from a call to action that was sent out on social media, and showed up on various sites in the Tri-Cities on social media.

It is believed even a few people from the Tri-Cities made the trip over.

The group is reportedly supported or led by Ammon Bundy who led the famous 2016 armed standoff with officials in Oregon.

Workers and the owner learned at Labor and Industries agents were going to show up Wednesday afternoon to serve shut down orders after Spiffy's defied the lockdown by re opening this week. They had been shuttered since Inslee shut down indoor eating recently.

According to the Lewis County Daily Chronicle, the L-I agents showed up late afternoon, and promised to return 2 hours later. However, they did not. It is not known if the presence of the dozens of citizens factored into their decision.

The restaurant, which has stood for over 50 years, opened at 7AM Thursday. Besides a number of protesters, a significant number of armed citizens were seen patrolling the parking lot and in front of the business.

The Lewis County Sheriff, Rob Snaza, told the Chronicle the L-I officers requested assistance on their way out of the situation, but he said he has not decided if Deputies will accompany them if or when they decide to return.

You may recall recently Liquor Control Board agents were 'turned away' at Koko's in Kennewick by a large group of citizens, who challenged them. The agents, according to the State Communications Director for the Board, chose to leave to "defuse" the situation.

We will continue to monitor this and other businesses who are choosing to defy the lockdown.  A rumor that the State Patrol will be used to accompany the L-I agents on a return visit has not been confirmed by any official source.

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