It all began with a pair of suspicious looking guys walking in an area you don't normally see pedestrians.

Early Tuesday morning, Benton County Deputies were called to the area of Amon and Locust Grove Roads, about a mile west of the intersection of Locust Grove, I-82 and Highway 397. The suspects reportedly told the person who called it in their car had broken down. The person then called authorities because the two were acting 'weird.'

Deputies later located the two suspects, and their vehicle (pictured) but at nearly the same time, officers learned about a burglary that had just occurred several miles away. After further investigation, it was determined the two suspects had indeed committed that break in. Nathaniel Stout and Joseph Hebner are now in the Benton County jail, no word if indeed their car really 'broke down.'

Unconfirmed reports from other area residents claim this vehicle has been seen 'lurking' around rural residences, but drove away before the occupants could be confronted.

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